FEAM Work Group

The Forward Energy Attribute Market Working Group is a voluntary group of PJM states that work with the goal of developing a voluntary and competitive market for forward purchasing of clean energy attributes to enable states, and other buyers with clean energy goals, to more efficiently decarbonize PJM’s grid and meet public policy objectives. This group of interested states convenes, jointly with PJM, to continue to advance the discussions that started in OPSI’s Competitive Policy Achievement Working Group and PJM’s Clean Attribute Procurement Senior Task Force and to move towards development and implementation of a Forward Energy Attribute Market.

2023 & 2024

DateBrief DescriptionDownload
FEAM Charterpdf
7/25/23OPSI Letter Re Development of Forward Energy Attribute Marketpdf
10/19/23FEAM Design Elements_Public Sessionpdf
10/23/23FEAMWG Overview Presentationpptx
11/30/23FEAM Design Elements Public Sessionpdf
11/30/23FEAM WG Market Products Poll Results Public Sessionpdf
FEAM WG 2024 Public Sessions & Work Planpptx
1/18/24FEAM WG Administration Governance Model Optionspdf
1/18/24FEAM WG Jurisdictional Next Steps Poll Public Sessionpdf
2/29/24FEAM Jurisdiction Presentation Public Sessionpdf
2/29/24FEAM WG CFTC Analysis Public Sessionpdf
3/19/24FEAM Administration Memopdf
3/21/24FEAM WG Administration Discussionpdf
5/23/24Public Session - FEAM Administration Working Assumptions Consensus Docpdf
5/23/24Public Session - FEAM WG Admin and Gov Poll Resultspdf
5/23/24Public Session - FEAM WG Design Elements Consensuspdf
5/23/24Public Session - FEAM WG Jurisdictional Poll Combined Responsespdf
5/23/24Public Session - Legal and Jurisdictional Analysis Consensus Docpdf