Organization of PJM States, Inc.      700 Barksdale Road, Suite 1, Newark, DE 19711


Executive Director: Gregory V. Carmean, Esq.
Cell: 443-832-5538

Office Manager:
Kathy Burr



Below are most of OPSI’s filings and other documents of interest; for other parties’ filings and FERC issuances in any of
FERC proceeding, please use the FERC Search page.

Date FERC Docket No. Brief Description FERC Document No. Download
10/3/16   Notice of Open Meeting with Independent Market Monitor   (pdf)
8/18/16   OPSI RESOLUTION 2016-4 Concerning Financial Transmission Rights   (pdf)
7/29/16   OPSI RESOLUTION 2016-3. Demand response and capacity markets   (pdf)
7/13/15   Resolution Regarding the Funding for Consumer Advocates of the PJM States, Inc.   (pdf)
12/15/14   Joint Comments of the Organization of MISO States and the Organization of PJM States, INC.   (pdf)
10/28/14   Comments of the Organization of PJM States, Inc.
PJM Capacity Performance Updated Proposal
9/16/14   Notice of Open Meeting with Independent Market Monitor   (pdf)
9/2/14   Data Request Letter to PJM for Section 111(d)Modeling   (pdf)
9/2/14   OPSI Data Request for Section 111(d) Modeling   (pdf)
6/12/14   Resolution Regarding the May 2014 Transmission Owner Working Group PJM OATT Schedule 12 Multi-Driver Cost Allocation Proposal   (pdf)
9/4/13   Notice of Open Meeting with Independent Market Monitor   (pdf)
4/4/13   OPSI Resolution to Support the PJM/IMM Recommendation for Revising the Must-Offer Exception Deadline   (pdf)
2/4/13   OPSI Resolution Regarding Target System Restoration Timelines   (pdf)
2/4/13   Joint Comments of The
Organization of Pjm States, Inc.
And The Organization of MISO States
11/12/12   Resolution Rejecting the Ad-Hoc PJM Stakeholder Process Excluding State Commissions and Consumer Advocates from Development of PJM's Proposed 2012 Tariff Modifications to the Application of the Minimum Offer Price Rule of PJM's Reliability Pricing Model   (pdf)
7/23/12   OPSI Board Letter to PJM re: Market Monitor   (pdf)
7/23/12   Resolution Supporting the FERC Investigation
of Formula Rate Protocols in FERC Docket No. EL12-35
6/12/12   OPSI Board letter to
PJM re: State Agreement Approach
5/11/12   Resolution Regarding The Disposition Of Capacity Interconnection Rights Following Deactivation Of A Generating Unit   (pdf)
4/5/12   Resolution regarding timing of generating unit deactiviation annoucements   (pdf)
4/5/12   Resolution regarding PJM's involvement in net energy metering   (pdf)
4/5/12   Resolution requesting PJM to assess the gas infrastruture requirements to support new/additional facilities   (pdf)
2/6/12   OPSI resolution requesting that PJM conduct a study on the impact of EPA Rules   (pdf)
1/5/12   OPSI resolution regarding PJM's State Agreement Approach   (pdf)
12/1/11   OPSI resolution supporting in principle for the concerns of PJM's Independent Market Monitor regarding the Brattle Group's Performance Assessment of PJM's Reliability Pricing Model   (pdf)
10/7/11   OPSI Resolution regarding Independent State Agencies Committee   (pdf)
5/5/11   OPSI resolutions on -
"Supporting PJM's Short Term Procurement Target"
"Dynamic Pricing"
"Joining or Changing RTOs"
"Integration of Wind Resources"
4/18/11   OPSI Board letter to PJM's CEO re: inclusion of public policy issues in the PJM planning process   (pdf)